Dear Friends and Neighbours,


I am seeking re-election as your City Councillor on October 22nd to represent all of Scarborough Southwest – Ward 20 from Eglinton Avenue to the Bluffs waterfront and from Victoria Park Avenue to Markham Road (see map inside).


With the recent changes to the electoral boundaries, our new Ward will be twice the size, encompassing the entire riding of Scarborough Southwest. The provincial government changed City Council without consultation reducing the wards from 47 to 25.  Like you I am concerned about the process by which this was done.  Changing the number of wards in the middle of an election already underway without consulting anyone is inappropriate and unfair.


This election has now taken on a new meaning and its outcome will determine how our communities and neighbourhoods move forward.


Moving Forward 


While the boundaries have changed, the issues and my commitment to addressing them remain the same.  I have lived in the heart of Scarborough Southwest for over 15 years and I am pleased to call this wonderful community my home.


Over two terms, we have made incredible progress, creating new parks, community centres, renewal of subway stations, improving public transit, expanding libraries, and bringing new jobs to Scarborough Southwest.  I am running because I believe that we can and must continue to move forward on the many important community initiatives currently underway.


My commitment to Scarborough Southwest residents is strong and energetic as I live here too.  I am proud of all we have accomplished over these past two terms and hope I can count on your support as we move forward together.

Sincerely yours,


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